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Teaching Indian Classical Music, Bollywood Music, Harmonium, Guitar, Synthesizer from 15+ years in Pune

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Founded by President Award Winner Surmani Pt. Dr. Sudhakar Talnikar in 2007 with the purpose of teaching all kind of music in affordable costs.

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Classical Vocal

Kalarpan specializes in teaching hindustani classical vocal music to students of any age, expertise. We are known to be one of the best hindustani classical music classes in Pune.


Sugam Sangeet

Kalarpan also provides training for light vocal music – hindi and marathi devotional songs, natyageet, bhavgeet, folk music such as lavani, semi-classical raag based songs, Ghazals etc.


Bollywood Music

Taught by tutors with decades of experience in music industry and they are adept at helping you uncover your hidden talent through Bollywood music classes and make a career in music.



Natyasangeet contains various forms of Classical, semi classical, light, devotional, folk music & still its own uniqueness remains as it is. As it is challenging to sing, it’s more challenging to teach.



Bhaktisangeet shows a divine path to reach a God. Best way to connect with the universe. We teach bhaktisangeet for students of every age by simple structure of of our learning methods.



Playing the guitar is therapeutic. Once you learn the chords and basics of strumming, you can spend hours just getting lost in the art. We teach you how to play one from basic to advance.



Tabla is the most crucial musical instrument to learn the knowledge of rhythm. Tabla is a base of learning any rhythmic instrument.



Basic Knowledge of Major Minor Scales, Knowledge of Western Notation, Knowledge of Instrument, Knowledge of Sharp / Flat Notes, Chord Formation.



Harmonium makes your musical notes knowledge sharp. You can either perform solo or give an accompaniment to other musicians.

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Anyone can learn music with a dedication and hard work. There is no age bar. We only make the process simple.
Pt. Dr. Sudhakar Talnikar
President, Instructor
Music Classes Located at Dhankawadi, Pune

Music Institute For All Ages & Levels

“Kalarpan” foundation functions in the field of Music and Art.

We focus on giving training to the freshers in various musical genres including but not limited to Indian Classical Vocal, Sugam Sangeet, Bollywood Music, Natyasangeet, Bhaktisangeet, Guitar, Tabla, Piano, Synthesizer, Harmonium, etc.

We also perform in the various talent shows as well as other private concerts. This helps in increasing confidence of the students. This also removes the crucial negative factor of stage fear which many students face in early career and sharpen performing skills.

We teach music to every age group ranging from 7 to 70+.  Practically, there is no age bar to learn music. You only need a dedication to do so. We at Kalarpan wish you very well wishes in your musical journey. Hope to see you soon in person!

Relaxed & Friendly

Our Programs Are Tailored To Suit You

Personal Attention

We only limit our batch to 10 students so that we can give personal attention to everyone.

Affordable Fees

Our fees are affordable for every class of society. Also, we have a flexible fee structure.

Qualified Teachers

We have expert instructors with more than 6 decades of experience in the music industry.

Regular Concerts

We regularly arrange concerts for students to give them the opportunity to present the art of music they have learnt in the academy.

Affiliated With Bharat Gayan Samaj

We follow the syllabus of Bharat Gayan Samaj and have a strong PAN India affiliation.

Online Classes

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we also started online classes so that students will continue learning music from the comfort of their homes.

Pt. Dr. Sudhakar Talnikar

President Award Winner, Versatile Singer with 60+ years of experience in music industry specializing in Hindustani classical vocal music, sugam sangeet, harmonium, tabla.

Mandar Talnikar

Sangeet Maniratna National Award Winner & son & disciple of Pt. Sudhakar Talnikar specializing in bollywood music, harmonium, synthesizer, guitar.

Kedar Talnikar

Disciple of Pt. Sudhakar Talnikar & Pt. Ramdas Palsule, Tabla Alankar & Visharad. Being in industry from past 15 years.

Keerti Deole

National Award Winner & daughter & disciple of Pt. Sudhakar Talnikar specializing sugam sangeet & hindustani classical.


What Our Students Say About Us

It is a very genuine and excellent class of music. Mr. Mandar sir is all-rounder teacher of music. You can learn more and more. It`s a great opportunity actually, I got. It`s nice friendly music school.
Best music training. In depth knowledge in singing and instruments. Best option for all age group and best thing is all teachers are famous and professional artist.
Best class in Pune. Teaching is perfect .Good communication between the students and teachers.
Glad to be the student of Dr. Sudhakar Talnikar. Training under him for 3+ years. I consider myself lucky to get his guidance, expertise for my music. I liked his style of in depth teaching. I recommend Kalarpan to every music enthusiast. I have also have a YouTube channel - AmeyOnLife where you can listen to my songs.
Amey Bansod

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Making High Quality Music Education Affordable To Everyone